Majestic Garbh Sanskar is an Indian app developed with an aim to inculcate the values in unborn child. This is a unique kind of App in the segment, which focuses on pregnancy care, Dos-Don’ts, FAQs, literature for pregnant woman, Pregnancy Audio, Pregnancy Videos, Baby images, Pregnancy Calendar and many more such things.


Webinar is a seminar held on the Internet in which only online part can be taken. Webinar is also called online seminar. Generally, we have to be physically present in other Seminars. The following benefits are derived from the medium of Webinar.


An excellent two way communicative workshop where a lot of practical knowledge regarding Garbhsanskar will be served. Limited Seats available.


If there is a need for vocational assistance and guidance regarding problems that may arise while attaining the ideal offspring or in case of pregnancy, then the provision of personalized online counseling will be arranged to help the Parent.