Pregnancy and Food

Being a ‘mother’ is a period filled with the most thrilling and non-committal experiences of every woman’s life, but this time can be made more beautiful if certain aspects of Vedic and scientific terms are properly considered.

Scientific experiments have shown that any pregnant woman who intakes any meal may have physical and mental effects on her fetus. There is one old saying called “LIKE FOOD LIKE MIND”.

Queen Kanya has sacrificed the meal of the palace during pregnancy. Oh! What’s this? Renunciation of the palace? Maharaja Dashrath fell into anxiety. Dasharatha Maharaja understood that the queen has renounced the meal because the food which comes in the royal house comes from the entire state. Who has eaten food, how it has been cooked, and also the opposite effect of the child coming to that food may fall. During the entire pregnancy, Kausalya Rani consolidated the food from the Ashram of Rishavar Vashishtha. In return, Maharani taught the life lessons to ashram’s girl student. Thus, it can be said that the queen consolidated the fruit from her own hard work. Due to such a good and hard-working meal, the formation and formulation of the child’s mind also came true, which probably would not have been from the palace meal. Thus Shri Ram born the best.

How sacred and pure spirit! Do we not need such thinking in today’s modern times? It cannot be convinced that how the food made outside of any outdoor restaurant or lorry is made and by what intention t it was made. Even today, if the pregnant woman decides that she also consolidates pure and homemade foods during the entire pregnancy, then there will be a significant improvement in the child’s body and mind.

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