Pregnancy – A supernatural happiness

When a woman is about to become a mother, it is the most exciting moment in a woman’s life. It changes her life. Changes in emotions, changes in thinking, changes in eating and drinking, and even the ambient environment are also suddenly changed. Family members begin to pay attention, give advice.

title of blog pregnancy a supernatural happiness

As unknowingly, this time brings a lot of confusion with wonderful happiness. Due to the unusual changes in the body, there are small, large, physical and psychological problems that may also cause restlessness and muscle contraction. This time is not to worry but to contemplate all-round development of the coming child. Because science also says that 80% of the child’s brain develops only in the mother’s womb. Instead of worrying about the gender of the baby mother should experience the natural bliss of having a life inside her womb.

In this beautiful journey of pregnancy, there is a great need to be vigilant about mental and physical health for the betterment of the offspring to be born. To build a house of dreams, planning, and dedication with raw materials such as sand, cement, water, and bricks are needed like that to strengthen the foundation of the lifespan of the embryo, the high thoughts, balanced diet, meditation, yoga, and observance of certain rules are to be maintained during pregnancy. Indeed, Pregnancy is such a wonderful time! God has given this chance only to a woman of experiencing supernatural happiness in a delicate situation.

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