Mother Can Attain Whats She Wants

The word “Maternity” is not about just the period of pregnancy or giving birth to a child. The
affection we felt after hearing this word is inexplicable. The motherhood nature of any girl
developed itself when she is a kid either it will be in the form of caring the baby doll or pouring out the love to her siblings or her father. In this era of women empowerment, every woman should
understand that they have been blessed by God. They have the power to create a new life within
them. The experiencing of being a mother creating a new soul is indeed a very blissful thing and it is independent of any financial status or caste.
It is the foremost duty of any woman to give birth to a child which is finest, greatest and
accomplished. In ancient times it is said to be a curse if the born child is weak and lame so to make
the child the greatest of all in all the aspects they used to take proper care and precautions. The
women of this century are well educated and matured and they have their own perspective in this
society. If they have cared physically and mentally with a touch of our Indian culture at the
time of pregnancy they will surely give birth to a divine soul.

Didn’t Abhimanyu break the chakravyu by learning the skills listening to Lord Krishna whilst being in
Mother Shubhadra’s womb? If Jijabai hasn’t pledged herself to make her child brave and
unbeatable then how the world would have witnessed the bravest Shivaji. From the son of putdibai
Mahatma Gandhi to the son of Hirabai our present Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi all the
greatest people have the biggest role of their mother in their life.
Indeed, Mother can attain anything she wants.

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