Hey Mother ! May you give birth to a brave hearted child !

Not only Kashmir. Today Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat terrorism is on the rise everywhere. Thousands of Shivaji are being required by the country. Every woman in India should be prepared to become a Jijabai.

Observing the situation of the country today, it seems that in order to save the country again many heroic legends like Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Rani Laxmibai, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose, Tatya Tope are needed.

But how is this possible?

What can a normal man or woman do in this situation?

There is a solution to this. Every couple, if every woman, resolves that I will give birth to a brave, fearless and patriotic child who will bring the country out of all these crises and make India a world leader.

Today, our country has no shortage of devotees, saints or Mahatmas. We have the intelligence, knowledge, generosity, spirituality which other countries of the world do not have, the only thing now missing is the heroism, courage and bravery that is needed to liberate the country from the monster of terrorism.

Do not immerse yourself in fun, joy or material happiness so that you forget to accumulate qualities like bravery, courage, patriotism in your child.

Elders should now bless the woman to be the mother of a mighty, fearless, and brave child. Every woman should read the biographies of the brave men for nine months before they are pregnant and meditate constantly. Photos of heroic men can be kept in the house.

As King Dasharatha and Kaushaya vowed to give birth to Lord Shri Ram to destroy the demons, just as Jijabai resolved to end the Mughal rule, and gave birth to Shivaji, there are many such examples in our country today. If determined, what a woman cannot do?

Now is the time to re-awaken this forgotten glory of valour. We have to re-establish our dignity … Only Garbh Sanskar can save the entire country from this great crisis.

Article Written By: 

Jayshree Hardik Upadhyay

GarbhSanskar Coach and Counselor 

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A wonderful secret …. Pregnancy (Devotee’s birth at the house of a demon)

There is an old and famous saying that the “Root like fruit, father like son”. If a mother wants then she can also deny this saying. Many facts in history provide proof of that fact. The mother’s fortitude and the sacraments performed in pregnancy has actually been miraculous. In this context, today we will talk about the childhood of Bhakht Prahlad. We all know that Bhakta Prahlad was born in Danavakul.

Despite being born in Danavakul, all his qualities were like God. Why is that? What is the reason that Prahlad who was born in a Danavakul, became the lord of such qualities? The answer is “Garbhsanskar”. Garbhsanskar refers to the molding and teaching the ethics and values to the child in the womb by a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, Bhakta Prahlad’s mother lived in the ashram of Kyadhu Naradamuni. Throughout her time, the mantra of Lord Narayana listened from different worship and God’s stories by her. The atmosphere of the ashram was very devotional and delightful. Food was also pure and virtuous. The effect of such a rich atmosphere reflects on her child and as a result, we witnessed the greatest devotee of the century. It is an excellent example to understand that the atmosphere in which the mother lives and the thoughts she has directly affect the fetus. The only reason that the son of the demon Hiranyakashyap is treated as divine is because of “Garbhsanskar “. Truly, If every woman during every pregnancy takes to care for a child’s physical development as well as mental health then instead of taking ninety years of work in nine months and by giving birth to the divine soul, can give the world a wonderful offspring.

Article Written By:

Daya Agrawal

Garbh Sanskar Coach and Counselor

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Pregnancy – A supernatural happiness

When a woman is about to become a mother, it is the most exciting moment in a woman’s life. It changes her life. Changes in emotions, changes in thinking, changes in eating and drinking, and even the ambient environment are also suddenly changed. Family members begin to pay attention, give advice.

title of blog pregnancy a supernatural happiness

As unknowingly, this time brings a lot of confusion with wonderful happiness. Due to the unusual changes in the body, there are small, large, physical and psychological problems that may also cause restlessness and muscle contraction. This time is not to worry but to contemplate all-round development of the coming child. Because science also says that 80% of the child’s brain develops only in the mother’s womb. Instead of worrying about the gender of the baby mother should experience the natural bliss of having a life inside her womb.

In this beautiful journey of pregnancy, there is a great need to be vigilant about mental and physical health for the betterment of the offspring to be born. To build a house of dreams, planning, and dedication with raw materials such as sand, cement, water, and bricks are needed like that to strengthen the foundation of the lifespan of the embryo, the high thoughts, balanced diet, meditation, yoga, and observance of certain rules are to be maintained during pregnancy. Indeed, Pregnancy is such a wonderful time! God has given this chance only to a woman of experiencing supernatural happiness in a delicate situation.