Majestic Garbh Sanskar

Pregnancy Guru

Pregnancy Guru – Majestic Garbh Sanskar is an Indian app developed with an aim to inculcate the values in unborn child. This is a unique kind of App in the segment, which focuses on pregnancy care, Dos-Don’ts, FAQs, literature for pregnant woman, Pregnancy Audio, Pregnancy Videos, Baby images, Pregnancy Calendar and many more such things.

How to Use Pregnancy Guru

Garbh means “the womb” and Sanskar means “the ethics” or values. The nurturing of your child and teaching the ethics inside the mother womb can be the most blissful work any parent can dreamt of. 

“GARBH SANSKAR” the word itself is a divine as it sounds. Indian Ancient history is the biggest evidence of this spiritual journey of the GARBH SANSKAR. As Abhimanyu the son of great Archer Arjuna had learned the war tactics of breaking the Chakravyuh from his mother’s womb. There are many other incidents prove that the bond of the mother and child is way beyond our imagination and understanding.

Pregnancy GURU is an honest effort to provide guidance, TIPS, FAQs related to pregnancy and Grabh Sanskar. App is divided into two segments. First segment would be informative, where pregnant lady or the one who is planning pregnancy would get detailed information about Garbh Sanskar. Second section is an unique in nature, where interesting activities are planned for expected mothers in order to inculcate values in unborn child.