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World's first Garbhsanskar course for positive,joyful and virtuous pregnancy.Get daily 12 activities as per pregnancy day.


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Vocational assistance regarding problems that may arise while attaining the ideal offspring will be arranged to help the Parent.

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GARBHSANSKAR – The word itself is a divine as it sounds. Garbh means “the womb” and Sanskar means “the ethics” or values. The nurturing of your child and teaching the ethics inside mother’s womb can be the most blissful work any parent can dream of.Our Ancient history is the biggest evidence of this spiritual journey of the Garbh Sanskar.

Team Majestic Garbh Sanskar consists expert doctors in Ayurveda, Gynaecologists, Professors, Child Psychologists and Social Reformers. Majestic Garbh Sanskar team has been making sincere efforts to spread this science to the world over the last 11 years.

Now In today’s age of technology, this Vedic science can be delivered to each home using the technology itself, and Majestic Garbhsanskar is pioneer in delivering the knowledge of Garbhsanskar using Technological aids. 


Empowering humanity for timeless happiness by nurturing the unborn child. Re-establishing vedic Indian values to achieve ultimate happiness through the noble work of GARBHSANSKAR (Parental Education)


At GARBHSANSKAR our mission is to enrich the life of your offsprings’ with prenatal education practices as well as disciplined lifestyle provided by our highly skilled team members to step up in this dynamic & contemporary world. Through the Vedic knowledge of GARBHSANSKAR, we are aiming an India to become the Universal leader.

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– Garbh Sanskar is the one sacraments amongst 16 sacraments as per our Scripture. 
-Garbh Sanskar is a Vedic science.
-80% of the child’s brain develops in the womb of mother. Our thoughts, activities, and external environment affects the child in the womb. 
-The qualities that are irrigated during pregnancy is Garbh Sanskar. 
-Garbh Sanskar should be initiated itself after the husband and wife starts the planning for offspring. 
-Garbh Sanskar is getting 90 years of work done in 9 months.

-Disease in inheritance can be controlled in accordance with the compliance of Garbh Sanskar. 
– Through Garbh Sanskar an ideal offspring can be moulded and the qualities which are not even present in parents can be possible to develop in the child. 
– Psychological (IQ), physical (PQ), spiritual (SQ) and morality (EQ) of the unborn child can be best developed through GARBHSANSKAR.

Step 1: Preplanning
● Partner selection:
●Instead of looking for looks and money find someone with intellectual power and pure hearted individual 
○ Individual should be physically healthy and strong 
○ Individual with no addiction must be preferred. 
● Wedding: 
○ Marriage proceedings should be performed as per Vedic rituals. 
○ Marriage is not only a physical union but it is a union of two souls and minds. 
Step 2:- During Fertilization 
○ Make a rule of meditation, prayer, observation, devotion and yoga in the initial 6 months of Pregnancy. 
○ Maintain proper diet, stabilized mind and daily routine. 
○ Leave your bad habits 6 months before. 
○ Avoid excessive use of TV, cinema, serials, social media or mobile. 
○ Try to keep distance from toxic surroundings. 
○ Take a proper treatment for sugar, HIV, haemoglobin, BP and purify the body. 
○ Talk to the one who is having knowledge of ayurveda and gain proper habits and ethics. 
○ Read good books. 
Step 3: During pregnancy 
○ Eat proper and healthy food. 
○ Read books with morals, listen calm music and maintain good relations with other to attain optimistic mind. 
○ Keep your thoughts positive and hang the photo of your ideal person on your wall whom you admire the most. 
○ Keep the home environment beautiful and clean. 
○ Enjoy the beauty of nature and visit joyful places.

•Once a woman approached Socrates and asked, “What do I need to do to give my 5-year-old child a ritual?” Socrates replied to the woman that you have been 5 years and 9 months late for this work. This event is suggested that the start of childbirth begins with childbearing.

•The wife of Hiranyakashyap was in Narad Muni’s ashram during 9 months of pregnancy. The entire time of the Ashram passed through religious narrations and bhakti-kirtan, which resulted in a devotee like Prahlad. Prahlad was born in the family of demons but having qualities of devotee. This is called procurement of offspring with the desired qualities which its parents may not have. 

•Rajmata kaushalya at her time of pregnancy denied to have Rajmahal’s meal because she didn’t know from whom the food is cooked in the palace, from whom the food received. For this reason, she used to invite food from the ashram of Rishi Vashishtha and in return she used to mentor the girl students of the Ashram. Accordingly, the queen devoted her hard work and had healthy food, as a result she gave birth to the ideal son “Lord Shree Ram”. 

•Raja Dushyant had made a Goddess Shakuntala pregnant after having rich rituals of Gandharva marriage, but the king rejected pregnant Shakuntala. At that time, without slight discomfort, she gave her full attention to the infant. Later that kid used to play with the cub and he was Maharaja Bharat Chakravarti from whom our country adopted its name “Bharat”.

•Rani Maddalasa, wife of Kashi’s King Rutudhvaj, was very strong in spirituality. Whenever she was pregnant, she was sure to tell her child’s qualities, temperament and nature, and according to it she was setting her eating and thinking process. Accordingly, she gave birth to the first three children who became sanyasi. When Raja desired a child who could handle his throne, the queen gave birth to the child by blessing the royal qualities who was brought up as the king Alark. This example illustrates that the expected offspring can be achieved by Garbh Sanskar. 

•When Jijabai heard that she was pregnant, she resolved that my offspring would be bravest among all, and during the entire pregnancy, she taught the infant lesson of the bravery and as a blessing to India she gave birth to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja.

Download our mobile app for information-Garbh Sanskar Guru
Download our mobile app for information-Garbh Sanskar Guru


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