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World's first Garbhsanskar course for positive,joyful and virtuous pregnancy.Get daily 12 activities as per pregnancy day


Webinar is a seminar held on the Internet in which only online part can be taken. Webinar is also called online seminar.


An excellent two way communicative workshop where a lot of practical knowledge regarding Garbhsanskar will be served.


Vocational assistance regarding problems that may arise while attaining the ideal offspring will be arranged to help the Parent.

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GARBHSANSKAR – The word itself is a divine as it sounds. Garbh means “the womb” and Sanskar means “the ethics” or values. The nurturing of your child and teaching the ethics inside mother’s womb can be the most blissful work any parent can dream of.Our Ancient history is the biggest evidence of this spiritual journey of the Garbh Sanskar.

Team Majestic Garbh Sanskar consists expert doctors in Ayurveda, Gynaecologists, Professors, Child Psychologists and Social Reformers. Majestic Garbh Sanskar team has been making sincere efforts to spread this science to the world over the last 12 years.

Now In today’s age of technology, this Vedic science can be delivered to each home using the technology itself, and Majestic Garbhsanskar is pioneer in delivering the knowledge of Garbhsanskar using Technological aids. 

We have developed App based Garbh Sanskar course for positive and joyful pregnancy. This course provides daily 12 activities as per pregnancy day. Click Here to explore the app and app based course.



Empowering humanity for timeless happiness by nurturing the unborn child. Re-establishing vedic Indian values to achieve ultimate happiness through the noble work of GARBHSANSKAR (Parental Education)


At GARBHSANSKAR our mission is to enrich the life of your offsprings’ with prenatal education practices as well as disciplined lifestyle provided by our highly skilled team members to step up in this dynamic & contemporary world. Through the Vedic knowledge of GARBHSANSKAR, we are aiming an India to become the Universal leader.

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